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Congress Expands Medical Marijuana Access for Veterans

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The bills would allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana prescriptions to patients while another would kickstart veteran-related cannabis research.

A pair of key bills that could expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana passed in a House Committee this week. One piece of legislation would allow Veteran Affairs doctors to recommend medical marijuana prescriptions in states with legal programs, something doctors are currently prohibited to do. The second bill would direct the VA to conduct a clinical trial in the efficacy of marijuana in treating post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, and other health condition connected to service.

“We have been working for years to give veterans the opportunity to receive legal medical cannabis treatment for chronic pain and PTSD,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who introduced the first bill, told The Fresh Toast. “Even though this has been approved on the floor of the House in the past as an amendment to appropriations bills, it’s been stonewalled by Senate Republican leadership. This is the way forward to guarantee it becomes the law of the land.”

This action by the House Veterans Affairs Committee represents the first cannabis-related markup of legislation on Capitol Hill this year. The bills will now move to the House floor where they will receive a vote.

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