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Inviting Health Care Providers, Legal Pros & Entrepreneurs

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August 08, 2019 – – Sandy Springs, Georgia based ReLeaf Genetics is excited to invite medical cannabis, cannabinoid (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) brand leaders to reserve their spot in the upcoming ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit on September 28th, 2019 at W Hotel – Midtown Atlanta. Notably, health care providers, legal experts, and entrepreneurs involved in the industry may contact the company to learn how they may set up as exhibitors during the event in order to share their products with their peers. Learn more here:

According to the company, “The Sept. 28th summit will include educational seminars, demonstrations, CBD & THC brand leaders, multiple speakers, workshops and, of course, networking opportunities. Friday night is our Summit VIP party leading into a day of events Saturday, ending the day with Eva Marcille’s cEVAd brand launch event. The ReLeaf Summit is geared to incorporate a wide gamut of speakers, cumulatively sharing the expertise and experience of professionals from every branch of the CBD and THC industry. Here you’ll get to meet all the special guests, speakers, organizers Drew Maloney, Jay Johnson, Rhyan Walcott, and Andrew Wiseman over drinks and food and take advantage of a more personable & eductaional networking experience with influential people in the medical cannabis industry.”

Among the illustrious individuals slated to speak at the event are Dr. Sasha Noe (the leading cannabis physician in the US), Len May (CEO of EndoCanna Health, Inc.), Michele R. Dunn (Executive Director of SAFE), Wesley B. Dunn, Esq. (a cannabis policy expert), Hope Wiseman (Founder of Mary & Main), J’lyn Furby (Owner of American Kinetics LLC), and many more. Those who wish to sign up as sponsors at the event may contact ReLeaf Genetics to get started

“The impact of cannabis research cannot be overstated,” says ReLeaf Genetics CEO Drew Maloney. “For as many uses of CBD as we already know exist, there are probably many more just around the corner. While we continue to independently push the envelope and compete with each other to create the best products, we also have a responsibility to the end consumer to teach each other the industry’s best practices so that we move forward as a whole.” According to Maloney, research is also significant for the role it plays in establishing credibility—a product may be considered more reliable by lawmakers and customers alike if it has the weight of transparent and thorough scientific study behind it.

ReLeaf Genetics Director of Operations Rhyan Walcott notes, “As everyone is aware, the industry we work so hard to push forward was, and still is, a source of contention for many parties. Often, this is due to a bias or a lack of information regarding what we do. However,” Walcott continues, “as pioneers and captains in the field, the onus of pushing past these obstacles rests with us. To that end, we must all work together to amplify each others’ strengths in order to ensure our own success. As entrepreneurs, we must make the decisions that drive innovation—and there is no better place to do this than at a gathering of like-minded individuals.” The summit represents an excellent opportunity for attendees to engage in speaking opportunities, brand building, and networking, all of which are pillars of successful brand growth.

To this end, the company is eager to work with as many partners as it takes to ensure that every participant gets as much out of the summit as possible. Chief Sales Officer for ReLeaf Genetics Andrew Wiseman states, “We’re extremely grateful for the help we have received from our partners and sponsors. While bringing us all face to face is ReLeaf’s dream, we could not have done it without the people who assisted us in realizing this vision. We thank them deeply for their contributions.” These partners include Capstone Healthcare, Captiva Lab, Eva Marcille’s new CBD product line known as cEVAd, Sovereign Health System, and more.

Visit the ReLeaf Medical Cannabis Summit website to view a full list of featured speakers, find information on tickets, read more about the organizers, and so on. Those who wish to sign up as Exhibitors may do so through the website as well. Alternatively, interested parties may connect with ReLeaf Genetics through their Facebook page at to stay in touch with their ongoing news updates and announcements.

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